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Start-up Process Concierge

Our goal is to empower UMD faculty and graduate students to transform their research into successful startups by providing resources and customized guidance through rich entrepreneurship ecosystem at the University of Maryland and the State of Maryland.

If you are University of Maryland faculty or grad student and are interested in starting a company using technology developed in your lab, your first step is to submitt intellectual property disclosure form (doc) to OTC.

Faculty Startup Program provides a general outline, however we will work with you to design a path to success specific to your needs.

$600K+ in Funding 

$50K NSF I-Corps for market research
$265K TEDCO Maryland Innovation Initiative for tech validation and commercialization 
$90K Maryland Industrial Partnerships  for R&D
$150-250K Maryland Momentum Fund
$15K AWS credits 

Not counting SBIR and other funding!

We will work with you to assist applying for the above funding opportunities.  

StartupUMD Business Fundametals Workshop Series

A series of hands-on workshops developed collaboratively by UM Ventures, Mtech, and Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship specifically for UMD faculty and graduate students to teach business concepts and skills, startup resources and how to take advantage of them, legal issues surrounding startups and many other practical know-how. Most workshops are offered two separate times during a week to allow for a more flexible schedule. Unless noted otherwise, workshops are held at Startup UMD Diamondback Garage, 7878 Diamondback Drive, College Park, MD (in the back of The Hotel).

Schedule and registration can be found here. 

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Experienced seiral entrepreneurs will serve as your business mentors and will help you figure out detailed plan and next steps in your startup journey. Our EIRs are:  

Laura NeumanLaura Neuman

Laura Neuman has held public office and was CEO and company-builder in the private sector, ranging from venture-backed start-up to established national organizations. She has mentored, consulted or evaluated hundreds of early stage or start-up companies. Most notable achievement in business was to build technology startup Matrics, raising $17 million in venture capital; sold for $230 million.  More details about Laura are here.




Doug Humphrey

Doug Humphrey is a serial entrepreneur. Likely he can't help himself—probably some genetic pre-disposition to starting companies.    He has started many, had success and failure, and serves today on a variety of boards of advisors and directors, and also as a business consultant to companies of all sizes. His companies include Digex, CORE Location, SkyCache/Cidera. More details about Doug are here. 





Harry Geller

Harry is an entrepreneur whose career has spanned a broad range of successful startup companies. He has started, owned and managed fourteen multi-million dollar businesses, primarily focused in the logistics, food services and real estate fields. Four of his companies have been named to the INC. 500 list of fastest growing companies, the most recent one in 2009. He was named the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 1992. More details abour Harry are here.





Glen Hellman

Glen is a serial enterepreneur and a former Angel Investor and was named the by Tech Cocktail as the #1 Angel Investor in America. He's an avid startup and technology blogger, affectionally known as DC's own Mr. Cranky. More details about Glen are here.





Market Research Resources

UMD Libraries: Virtual Business Information Center 

TEDCO: Market Search Advisory Services 

Legal Services

Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic at the University of Maryland, Baltimore is offering the following assistance to UMD faculty startups:

·        Patentability analyses for inventions, including conducting prior art searches and considering whether the invention constitutes patent eligible subject matter. For non-university-owned inventions only.

·         Students prepare and file patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  The clinic participates in the USPTO’s Law School Clinic Certification Program, which gives the students the ability to file and prosecute patent and trademark applications while they are working in the clinic under the supervision of a licensed attorney.  Please note that we are not authorized to file internationally. For non-university-owned inventions only.

·         Students conduct trademark clearance searches and file trademark applications with the USPTO.  We can also file trademark applications with the State of Maryland, if a client is not using its mark in interstate commerce.

·         Assist with copyright registrations at the US Copyright Office. For non-university-owned copyrighted materials only.

·         Counsel clients on protection of trade secrets and confidential information, and prepare Nondisclosure Agreements.

·         Draft a variety of agreements, including IP license agreements (for non-university-owned IP only), independent contractor and employment agreements, design and manufacturing agreements, etc.

·         Counsel clients on business entity selection and formation.  If the client decides to form a Maryland limited liability company or corporation, assist them with filing the appropriate documents with the state, and we prepare operating agreements and bylaws.  Can also assist with creating Maryland nonprofit corporations and “B” entities.

·         Assist clients with various other business law-type issues, such as permits, leases, and other contracts.


Alla McCoy, MBA'13
Director, Startup Support


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